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LED Uplighting / Ambient Lighting

Add an additional touch of class and elegance to your event with LED Uplighting/Ambient Lighting.
An example of this is displayed above. These are the led lights that are placed in strategic areas in the venue to accent the walls, tables, etc. Once again, a very special touch that will have people amazed by the elegant atmosphere these cool running led lights create.

Pro Dj Booth /

DJ Console

Taking away the old look of table’s covered with cloth’s, the booth is lit up with LED lighting making any show look complete. Creating presence, amazement and added WOW factor, the DJ console has already made its mark in the music industry.

Mobile Baraat

The Baraat will follow our vehicle equipped with a generator providing power to our sound system. We will mix the best wedding related music and MC from inside our vehicle while the Baraat dances and follows our rhythm.

Intelligent Lighting / Moving heads

Intelligent lighting is called intelligent because an operator can control functions of the light via a console/computer based controller. These lights can produce unique and dramatic effects. For private parties such as Weddings, Sweet Sixteen’s and other special events, we can compose beautiful displays of light accenting the architectural features of venues as well as elegant illumination of dance floors.

Custom Monogram Logo

Imagine your big day such as your wedding, or even a graduation and having your name or initials projected on the wall or on the dancefloor. It’s just another way to add that little simple touch that can make your event really stand out.

Dhol Player

Enjoy the live beats from our amazing dhol players!

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​

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